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I am aching for some new scenery. Anywhere would be fine. I want to get into a bus not looking at the sign of its destination and just ride it until it gets to the last stop. Yeah, that would be an adventure!

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There are some things that I have learned and will stick to from now on.
(1) Never settle for something/someone.
(2) Life is full of opportunities.
(3) It’s okay to be alone.
(4) People don’t care.

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Sad life.
Rejections everywhere.

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Surang-sura na ako sa internet connection namin. Lechugas, daig pa ang usas pagong ih. Di na ako makapag-online ng maayos at makapagdownload ng mabilis. Tinatamad naman akong magreklamo sa globe. Hahaha. Tiis na lang siguro. Or baka kailangan ko na bumili talaga ng pocket wifi? Mga palusot para sa mga luho talaga.

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I was told to write more. I want to but I feel like I don’t have much to write about. My life is a cycle even I get tired of most of the time. But I will try my best though.

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